Completely Eliminate Hard Drive Data on Your Mac

WipeDrive has been used to erase hard drive data on over 20 million hard drives! It is approved by the US Department of Defense, and it is trusted by government agencies and major corporations.

How can getting rid of my PC expose me to identity theft? Your discarded computer contains your personal information. Identity thieves know most people don't know how to correctly erase hard drive data before giving their computer away. These thieves target personal information on discarded computers and use it to steal your identity.

Wait a minute! Can't I just erase hard drive data by using the Recycle Bin? Many people think that deleting their files and then emptying the Recycle Bin will permanently get rid of those files. In fact, the Recycle Bin even tells you that emptying the Recycle Bin will permanently remove items. Unfortunately, that is not correct. After emptying the Recycle Bin, your files can be easily retrieved by many data recovery programs and free software tools.

Here's a way to understand how WipeDrive is used to erase hard drive data. Think of a video tape that is full of recorded TV shows on it. The only way to get rid of the old shows is to tape over it. Using WipeDrive is like finding a channel completely full of static and then recording over the entire tape. Using WipeDrive before getting rid of your computer will completely erase hard drive data and protect yourself from identity theft.



Selling Points

  • Boot from CD or Floppy(for Intel based PC)
  • Erases any size hard drive (IDE or SCSI)
  • Permanently wipe all hard drive information including partitions, formats & file data.
  • Supports all major military, government, industry`and custom wipe patterns.
  • New! 40% faster wiping speed.
  • WipeDrive has been used to erase hard drive data on over 20 million hard drives!
  • Safely reuse, gift, donate or recycle your entire PC or harddrive.
  • Protect your privacy, legal identity, safety and peace of mind.
  • Deleting or Formating simply does not work.

Summary Technical requirements

requirement details
PC with this CPU (processor)Any Apple Mac PowerPC G3, G4, G5 processor
PC with this CPU (processor)Any Intel-based Apple Mac
Supported OS for running the "Boot Floppy Creator" (this can be done, if desired, on a different PC than the one to be wiped) Windows 2000 or XP
3rd Party Software required if using CD ISO versionany software that can create a bootable CD from an ISO file
requires a PC with this technologyComputer that can be configured to boot from arbitrary partitions, ISO boot CDs or boot floppy disks.

WipeDrive Product Line

All Products in this line
WipeDrive v5
WipeDrive PRO v5
WipeDrive System Saver v6
WipeDrive for Mac v5.0

How and Where to Buy

You can purchase from our secure online shop or any of our network of expert European resellers.

Support Info

Please see our support section.

License Summary

Unlimited simultaneous usage on up to 5 specific computers.
Unlimited number of wipes on those 5 specific computers.
A computer can have any number of hard-drives.
The customer is NOT restricted to just using their License Key on a single component of WipeDrive (within the other restrictions of the license).