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The industry standard in PC backup software. Simple to use, yet powerful.

Backup MyPC v7.0 builds on the dominant legacy of the Backup MyPC line by adding Win10 compatibility, improved interface appearance and full support for optical disc media such as DVD and Blu-Ray.
  Windows XP, Vista
(32 bit only)
Windows 7, 8, 8.1
(32 & 64 bit)
Windows 10
(32 & 64 bit)
What can be backed up ?
Backup any closed file yes
Backup any open file (via MS VSS on NTFS file system) yes no
"Automatic data protection"(™) to HDD (*1) yes with manual configuration
Backup up to 256GB backups yes
"Sonic One Button"(™) Backup & Restore (*2) yes no
Auto select system state files set yes no
Backup from Windows drive letters yes
Backup from Windows UNC paths yes
Backup full partition binary image (*3) no
Backup entire bootable licensed OS (*4)
Backup Types
Scheduled backups
(using local Windows user accounts only)
Immediate backup
Full backup
Differential backup
Compressed backup
Password protected backups
Licensed for use on all PCs in your home! yes
Zero-configuration licensing
DRM free
Supported Backup Media
Scheduled backups yes
Internal hard drive
Floppy Disc
DVD/RW (including dual layer)
BluRay (including dual layer)
Any mounted USB drive (external drive, pen, smartphone, camera etc)
Windows drive-letter mapped network share
Windows UNC network path
Online Cloud backup via OS mapped drive
Tape no
(*1) "Automatic data protection"(™) is a wizard to create a schedule for a job that backs up everything (system state & all hard drives). Unfortunately, Hard Drives are not supported as a backup destination in this wizard. It is possible to manually over-ride this limitation by editing the backup job features after the "Automatic data protection"(™) wizard is completed.
(*2) "Sonic One Button"(™) Backup & Restore (available via Windows Start Menu or shortcuts)
This menu option creates a backup of System Registry, COM+ Class Registration, Operating System, Boot files and typical user files. Unfortunately it is only supported on Windows XP & Vista (32bit). The restore target cannot be picked, it only restores to the original location. Which files are restored CAN be choosen however.
(*3) Backup full partition binary image
BUMP is solely focused on providing a file-based backup system. It doesn't support backing up binary copies of hard-drive paritions or entire hard-drives. Please note that each different type of backup system has unique strenghts and weakness. Please use the system most appropriate to your needs and bear in mind that you may need more than 1 system to cover all your requirements.
(*4) Backup entire bootable licensed OS
Backing up and Restoring licenced Microsoft Operating System is considered a task for IT experts. Backup MyPC avoids the complexity of mixing OS backup and file backup by just focusing on file backup. The vast majoirty of home and small busines computers ship with OS restore tools are perfectly configured for your PC and wont risk losing your OS license.


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Selling Points

  • Simple, Wizard based
  • Backup any files
  • Backup all system files
  • Backup to hardrive, CD, DVD, BluRay, mp3 players, USB drive etc
  • Free Phone tech support by native speakers
  • Licensed for use on all PCs in your home!

Summary Technical requirements

requirement details
requires these bytes free on the Hard Drive, for installation30 MB
we recommend up to this much free space on the Hard Drive for temporary files during normal use25 GB
requires this much free RAM in PC for non-double-byte OS128 MB
requires this much free RAM in PC for double-byte OS256 MB
requires this app to read help filesMicrosoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
optical drive requirementsA CD or DVD recorder equipped with BURN-Proof technology.
requires a CPU with this minimum Mhz speed500 MHz
requires a PC with this technologyBusmastering enabled EIDE controller
requires a PC with this technologyDMA enabled on the harddrive
easy to read list of supported OSsWindows 2000 Professional 32bit, XP Home/Professional 32bit, Vista (any 32 or 64bit Edition), Windows 7 (any 32 or 64bit Edition), Windows 8 (any 32 or 64bit Edition)

Note from Support

When installed on 64bit Windows, files to be backed up must not be in use by any application or service. Please ensure you close all open files in order to ensure a successful backup..

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