The Easiest to use, yet powerful, backup utility for your PC.

Simple, economicaly small-office backup, supports Tape drives.

Backup MyPC v6.0 builds on the dominant legacy of the Backup MyPC line with new features, more device support, and greater reliability than ever before. The new user interface provides greater access for users of all levels, and the additional device support maintains Backup MyPC's position as the leader in desktop backup. Backup MyPC supports CD, DVD, dual-layer DVD & MO disc based backups, tape drives, internal and external hard disks and networks.


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Selling Points

  • Simple, Wizard based
  • Backup any files
  • Backup all system files
  • Free Phone tech support by native speakers

Summary Technical requirements

requirement details
easy to read list of supported OSsMicrosoft Windows XP (Home, Pro, MCE with Service Pack 1 or 2), Windows 2000 Professional (Service Pack 4)
requires a CPU with this minimum Mhz speed233 MHz
requires these bytes free on the Hard Drive, for installation40 MB
requires this much free RAM in PC for non-double-byte OS64 MB (128 MB Recommended)

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