Securely Erase Hard Drive Data, but keep Windows and all third party applications intact.

WipeDrive System Saver is the only available product that allows you to forensically erase all computer hard drive data while retaining your Microsoft Windows operating system and all third party program applications. WipeDrive has been used all over the world to erase hard drive data on over 20 million hard drives! It is approved by the Department of Defense, and it is trusted by government agencies and major corporations.

Do you want to start over but leave your operating system intact? With WipeDrive System Saver, you can completely eliminate hard drive data and personal information without having to reinstall Windows. WipeDrive System Saver is the ONLY computer wiping tool in the world that can do this.

Protect your privacy without ruining the the re-sale value of your PC by keeping the valuable OS and applications intact and ready to use for the next owner.



Selling Points

  • Securely erase your files so even a data recovery laboratory cannot recover them.
  • Preserve your Microsoft Windows install and its associated valuable license.
  • Preserve all your valuable installed applications and games.
  • Erase all user accounts or just the ones you wish.
  • Protect your privacy, legal identity, safety and peace of mind.
  • It is trivial to recover files that have been just deleted or moved to the Recycle Bin, unless you use WipeDrive!

Summary Technical requirements

requirement details
easy to read list of supported OSsWindows XP (any edition) and Windows Vista (any edition)

Note from Support


This software gives you the option to "save" specific users account's files from being securely wiped. Please note that only files stored in the "Documents and Settings/username" folder will be saved. If the user has saved files elsewhere they will NOT be saved from secure wiping.

Customers are fully responsible for the protection of all their data at all times.

WipeDrive Product Line

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WipeDrive v5
WipeDrive PRO v5
WipeDrive System Saver v6
WipeDrive for Mac v5.0

How and Where to Buy

You can purchase from our secure online shop or any of our network of expert European resellers.

Support Info

Please see our support section.

License Summary

Unlimited usage on any one single physical computer owned by customer.
Cannot be installed on 2 or more computers simultaneously.
Can be removed completely from one computer and installed on another.
Contact for service provider or site licenses.