Terms and Conditions of Support

Extent of Support

The extent of support provided by "Orlogix Technical Support" differs by product and by support plan; and is limited to documented features and supported system environments unless specifically noted.

Support for installation issues and product defects is available. In addition to coverage of installation issues, support for all products is also provided for basic usage questions and troubleshooting unexpected behavior for documented features.


Customers wishing to avail of support from "Orlogix Technical Support" may be asked to provide basic registration data to allow call logging and case tracking. Failure to co-operate with such requests may, at the sole discretion of "Orlogix Technical Support", result in a refusal of service from "Orlogix Technical Support". Customers registered in this way will be provided with a registration reference which they should quote on future communications with "Orlogix Technical Support".

Please be aware that in the case of multiple communications with "Orlogix Technical Support", you may not always speak with the same support technician as previously.


At any time during any communication with "Orlogix Technical Support" or any of its agents the customer may be requested to provide proof of purchase of the product under consideration. At the sole discretion of "Orlogix Technical Support", further work on the customer's technical issue may be suspended until such proof of purchase has been produced to the satisfaction of "Orlogix Technical Support".

Customers are entitled to free technical support for varying durations after delivery of goods. Specific details for each product are available on documentation for each product.

Support requests will be responded to as quickly as possible on a first some first served basis.

Customers are at all times solely responsible for the safety of all their data regardless of circumstances.

Details of Orlogix technical support contact details and available support languages are available on the contact page. These are subject to change without notice.

Resolution of Issue

Once an issue is accepted as being within the extent of technical support (as described at the top of this page), resolution of a technical support issue shall be defined as accomplishing any one of the following:

  1. Providing a reasonable solution to the issue
  2. Providing a reasonable work-around to the issue
  3. Determination by "Orlogix Technical Support" that the issue is an enhancement request and forwarding the request to the relevent Developer partner for future consideration

"Orlogix Technical Support" will make reasonable efforts to resolve the issue but "Orlogix Technical Support" cannot guarantee that every issue will be resolved.